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Education at Luleå Univeristy of Technology 

Luleå University of Technology's mission is to transfer our knowledge and experience in cutting-edge AI technologies to students and industries. Needs-tailored AI-focused educational programs are the key to boosting the AI competences, enabling AI innovations and provide world-class education and and life-long learning in theory and application.

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Building AI II

Building AI is for anyone who wants to improve their AI-related vocabulary and skills, including non-programmers and people who can program in Python.

By taking the course, you'll learn more about what makes different AI methods possible and where and how these methods can be applied in real life. As a result of this course, you will be able to craft your own AI idea and present it in an understandable format.

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The AI ​​solutions of the future in the focus of new education

Luleå University of Technology is starting a Master Programme in Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This program is nationally and internationally unique for two major reasons: (1) it´s the first master programme on Applied AI and (2) introduces for the first time a specialization that combines AI with Neuroscience. The education starts in the autumn 2021.

– The Master Programme in Applied Artificial Intelligence, aims at those who really want to understand AI. In the field of machine learning and AI, students get to learn the basics of how we with machines can simulate the intelligence of humans. Our students get to learn how effectively maths, computers and interactive systems, can help us in everyday life, Marcus Liwicki says, Chaired Professor of Machine Learning at Luleå University of Technology and teacher of the Master Programme.

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